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Aged people in El-Midane still remember the unsuccessful efforts that were exerted in the 1960s to form a municipality.  There was another attempt in the 1980s which also did not succeed.  At the beginning of the 21st century, and more precisely in 2003 and 2004, there was another attempt to form a municipality.  This time it was successful due to the new mentality among the people of El-Midane and to the efforts of many of El-Midane residents, among them the former and the current Moukhtar of El-Midane Mr. Maroun Nassib Hobaika.

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The Municipality was formed according to the Minister of Interior decree No. 139 dated February 16, 2004.  Following the inception of the municipality, there were many discussions and meetings among different representatives of the families that constituted the population of El-Midane to try to form the first Municipal Council without going into elections due to the fact that the situation at that time was not suitable for such matter.  And after agreeing on the names that could form the first Municipal Council and after submitting the necessary documentations in due time, the election of a president and a vice president of the Municipal Council took place in the Caza of Jezzine Headquarters on June 12, 2004.  Starting from that date, the Municipality of El-Midane took over the civil responsibilities of El-Midane.

The members of the first Municipal Council are the following:

President: Antoine Joseph Toubia Aouad
Vice President: Maroun Habib Abou Samra El-Khoury
Members: Chaker Youssef Sanan, Maroun Ayyach Hobeika
Norma Feghaly Aouad, Charbel AbouSamra Aouad
Charbel Youssef Aoun, Charbel Gerges Harfouche
Charles Georges Abou Sleiman

The first effort of the new Municipal Council was to find a permanent location for the Municipality.  Due to many efforts and within two months, the Municipal Council was able to buy a building in the middle of the village to become its headquarters (it is worth mentioning here that many older municipalities in the region were surprised by this action since the number of older municipalities who own headquarters are very few).
Then the efforts concentrated on electing the members of different municipal committees who will be responsible to pursue the work to be done.  The budgets of 2004 and 2005 were prepared by the President and were agreed upon by the Governmental offices.  The list of all houses and shops that will be subjected to municipal fees was also prepared.  The renovation and furnishing of the Municipality Headquarters was also achieved and the building was officially inaugurated in the presence of the Kaemakam Jezzine and many presidents of neighboring municipalities on November 22, 2004.
On the ground, the following was achieved from June to December 2004:
·        installing of new signs for the village and the roads
·        cleaning all main and secondary roads in the village
·        creating new canals to handle the raining water
·        cleaning existing canals
·        maintaining existing electrical bulbs in the street
·        signing a contract with a private company to remove the wastes
·        installing of Advertisement Boards
The Year 2005 started with the renewing of the responsibilities of the Municipality treasurer and the election of the municipal committees members.  A decision was taken by the Municipal Council not to allow any one to create any “Marmala” or “Kassara” regardless of its financial benefits for the Municipality, because of its harm to the environment.  The budget of the year 2006 was also prepared and agreed upon within due time.  The hierarchy of the Municipality was also agreed upon.
On the ground, the following was achieved from January to December 2005:
·        cleaning existing water canals
·        maintaining the electrical network and start changing old bulbs
·        spraying grass solutions
·        building new walls and canals
·        maintaining and creating some pedestrian roads
·        buying new plastic barrels and baskets for wastes
The year 2006 started with the renewing of the responsibilities of the Municipality treasurer and the election of the municipal committees members.  The Municipal Council took a decision to join the Union of Municipalities of the Jezzine area.  The Municipal Council also objected to the classification of the village done by the Civil Organizer which was unfair to the population of El-Midane.  And due to many discussions and to the visit that was done by the former Director of the Civil Organizer to El-Midane, the majority of the objections that were raised by the Municipal Council were rectified as needed.  The budget of the year 2007 was also prepared and agreed upon.  In collaboration with El-Midane Club, a huge Xmas crib was built in the Square facing Saint Jude (Mar Laba) church, and the building of the current website was underway.
On the ground, the following was achieved from January to December 2006:
·        Maintaining pedestrian roads in the village
·        Building new walls and water canals
·        Cleaning existing roads and water canals
·        Changing the bulbs of the electricity network
·        Receiving and distributing all aids that were destined to the people of El-Midane due to the war that took place in the summer of 2006
The commitment of the Municipality of El-Midane is to keep on improving the quality of life of its people so as to become the model in the Jezzine area.

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