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It has been very well known that the social and cultural activities were and are still deeply rooted among the people of El-Midane.  In 1972, many young females and males of El-Midane gathered to discuss the ways to better serve their village from the points of view socially and culturally.  At that time, they formed many committees to discuss all these subjects.  Following many meetings and discussions that took place over several months, those young people agreed upon the creation of “The Cultural and Social Club of El-Midane” which was formally formed on September 6, 1972 by decree No. 356/A.D. signed by the Minister of the Interior.
The initial body at that time was formed from the following persons:
Jean Youssef Hanna Aouad, Abou Samra Habib El-Khoury, Antoine Youssef Hobaika, Antoine Chebl Sadaka, Robert Antoine Ghanem, Jean-Claude Youssef Aouad, Albert Salim Aouad, Naaman Youssef Aouad and Charbel Youssef Sanan.
This was the beginning of El-Midane Club.  Many of El-Midane residents still remember the different activities that took place in the summer of 1975 in El-Midane.  Then war came.  Many of El-Midane residents flew to other countries, many others died and some of the remaining ones went into retirement.  Still the Club continued even though with the minimal number of members.
The Club was presided over the years by the following gentlemen:
Jean Youssef Hanna Aouad, Mansour Salim Aouad, Albert Youssef Hanna Aouad, Antoine Joseph Toubia Aouad, Philippe Georges Abou Samra, Jean Maroun Nassib Hobaika and Elie Charbel Abou Samra Aouad.
During its history, the Club had many activities and achievements.  Among them: Issuing Yearly Calendars, Holding many Winter and Summer parties and activities, the Participation in the renovation of Saint Jude (Mar Laba) church in El-Midane, the Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Club in 1997, The restoring of the Club file in the Governmental offices which was lost due to the war, the Furnishing of the Club premises in 1998 and 1999 through the help of the Ministry of Social Affairs in addition to other activities.  Lately, the Club together with a donation from the Municipality of El-Midane, participated in the construction of El-Midane website which will be covering all the news of the Village, the Church, the Municipality and the Club so that our immigrants will be in contact with their loved ones and will have all the news concerning El-Midane.
In this current year (2007), the Club will celebrate its 35th Anniversary.  With the energy and enthusiasm existing among its members, it is looking ahead to fulfill all its people ambitious for prosperity and advancements.

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